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IVF TreatmentWe are honored to have helped thousands of couples and single mothers receive the gift of parenthood and being given the opportunity to guide them through their difficult period of infertility.

World Fertility Experts is not just a group of high-end fertility clinics providing low-cost treatment options, but also a source of support for all those coping with infertility. Our clinics represent the very best of reproductive medicine, forged through decades of experience.

The journey through in vitro fertilization can be tough on anyone. Every couple understandably goes through a number of doubts.

How do we start treatment?

How can we trust this clinic?

Is IVF right for my condition?

At World Fertility Experts, our aim is to answer these questions and show you everything there is to know about in vitro fertilization.

World fertility Experts clinics are multifaceted and unique clinics that provide patients with complete fertility treatment programs together with comprehensive diagnostic testing. All our clinics are fitted with the best and most high-tech medical equipment. We also make it our responsibility to make all treatment procedures convenient for our patients, medical personnel and IVF specialists.

We treat you with the utmost dignity and respect that you deserve. Every clinic has a comfortable and friendly environment that is optimal for fertility treatment. World fertility Experts are dedicated to improving the fertility networks and delivering consistently high quality care. If you are looking for a clinic that treats patient with care, you have reached the right place.

Why travel abroad for IVF at World fertility Experts clinics?

We have set up fertility clinics at some of the most popular and easily accessibly locations in the world. More importantly, many countries have prohibitive IVF laws that put limits on certain assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods. However, the countries where our clinics are located have friendly laws and regulations.

Our clinics also have a number of English-speaking doctors and fertility specialists that have had several years of experience with local and international patients. For a number of patients, a combination of treatment at our clinics and the tourist destinations nearby provide adequate relaxation that is necessary for a successful IVF cycle.

Benefits of Treating Abroad

Given below are the benefits of treating infertility abroad at World fertility Experts clinics:

  • Low Cost: One of the biggest obstacles for patients to get infertility treatment is affordability. This is especially so for patients in the United States and Canada, where IVF treatment is typically costly along with other assisted reproductive technology procedures.

    In the United States, for example, the cost of a normal IVF cycle usually goes up to or beyond $20,000. Additional treatment methods like PGD and ICSI further drive up the cost of a single cycle. Insurance policies offer limited coverage when it comes to infertility treatment. Only a few insurance companies offer to include fertility treatment coverage in their policies.

    On the other hand, our fertility clinics abroad offer the same level of treatment as clinics in the U.S. while keeping the costs much lower. Flight fares for going and coming to the clinic and traveling to and from factor in when treating fertility abroad, but with the right arrangements it makes only a small difference. In fact, at World Fertility Experts, with appropriate travel and accommodation arrangements, patients can save up to 60 percent of the costs of treatment at local clinics.
  • More convenience: At World fertility Experts, we ensure that our patients can conveniently visit our clinics for treatment and travel to and from their home. Moreover, our fertility treatment plans have been specially designed for international patients so they take less time.

    While a treatment plan at a local clinic would take approximately 14 days, we require our patientsí presence in the clinic for just nine days. We do this by synchronizing the cycle while our patients are at home. Patients can begin the process of ovulation stimulation before they arrive at our clinics.

    In case of an egg donation, we can synchronize the cycle of the donor with that of the patient so that the embryo transfer can be fixed for a predetermined date.
Why is IVF Treatment abroad right for you?

Quite a few of our patients ask this question and it is something you should ask yourself as well before starting an IVF cycle abroad. The best person to answer this question, however, is your fertility doctor. Consult him/her and discuss the possibility of IVF and whether it is right for you.

For example, a woman may be fertile but unable to carry pregnancy to full term because of a distorted uterus or some past surgical procedure. Male infertility is also a common cause of distress, and it can be a result of low sperm count or azoospermia. In order to conceive a child in this case, IVF treatment with a sperm donation may be recommended.

If the chances of a successful IVF treatment are less for a couple due to certain reasons like the female partner being over 40 years old , then the cycle may be combined along with other techniques like ICSI. An IVF cycle along with ICSI is usually recommended when a couple has undergone more than one cycle in the past with no success.

When you contact our clinics, our IVF specialists can guide you through the entire process and show you all the treatment options that are available to you. The specialist will also help you determine the best treatment for you.

How to start treatment with World fertility Experts?

Before we start planning treatment options at a World fertility Experts clinic convenient for you, it is important for you to understand all your options. First, you will receive a treatment quote and additional information from our clinic. The additional information will include our treatment options, preparation methods, and breakdown of costs. You can make an informed decision about the clinic and treatment you require based on this information.

After the decision is made, you can begin the IVF cycle right from your locality as our IVF specialists work closely with your local OBGYN specialist. You will be given hormonal treatment before you travel to our clinic abroad. This method helps reduce the time you spend abroad by 5-10 days. Otherwise, a normal IVF procedure would take three weeks.

Our egg donor database is very large with a wide range of donors from different nationalities and races. We offer a synchronized cycle program with an egg donor, and we also offer exclusive donors. Our fertility coordinators work with each patient to coordinate their timing and answer their queries regarding the procedure so that they can plan the trip and treatment schedule.

Cost of IVF Treatment at World fertility Experts

The cost of IVF treatment can change by a huge margin with each clinic and even with each treatment plan within a clinic. However, World fertility Experts clinics always offer the best prices. At our clinics, thousands of couples have realized their dream of parenthood and a healthy pregnancy without breaking their bank balances.

There are several reasons why our IVF treatment costs are so less. Among other reasons, it is due to our efficient infrastructure management. Moreover, the cost of treatment in the U.S. and the U.K. are drastically higher than they should be due to the cost of medications and the inaction of insurance companies.

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